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the ultimate Shanghai Canada Goose Parka foodie

Plus here is where you find the lowdown on Shanghai’s fabulous upstart fashion designers, what makes popular Shanghai based photographer Tang Ting click, and the reformation of cultish indie quartet Bang Bang Tang.

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With his magazine columns, blogs, books and TV shows, Shen Hongfei (), the ultimate local foodie, seems to be under every plate in Shanghai.

Shen Hongfei shares his his top 10 eating experiences in Shanghai you’re going to want to try them all.

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t plain hongshaorou, but panda pig chops braised in soy sauce.1. Panda pig, Sincere Restaurant

«This is the only place to find salt panda pig meat in Shanghai,» says Shen. Panda pig is a pig species exclusive to China and is the main ingredient in the famous Jianhua ham. Shen continues: «This rare find has a more tender texture and is three times more expensive than hybridized pigs. Its features are best exemplified in the Shanghainese home style dish pork ribs braised in soy sauce. «Its most popular dishes are stir fried mashed eel, cucumber with shrimps, yan du xian [a soup boiled with bamboo shoots, salt pork and fresh pork], plum jam and eight delicacies rice steamed with lard,» recommends Shen.

Note: A Shan isn’t for those who are looking for a pristine dining experience. el Willy

«The best parts of dinning at el Willy are the restaurant’s garden

and wine list,» says Shen. «Go on a sunny day, it’s very comfy to eat

in the garden. The Torres Winery

from Spain has a cellar inside the restaurant, so you should have

plenty of good wine to choose from. This soup combines a Western creamy base with Chinese ingredients, including sliced chicken, abalone slices, minced Jinhua ham and shrimp eggs.

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